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Outdoor Transformation

Updated: Sep 23

A couple of months ago, we (my sister and I) had the opportunity to transform our outdoor space. If you didn't know this, we have a youtube channel, where we share a lot of our interior design, decorating, diy, etc. ideas.

Living here is Arizona, the outdoors are amazing, purely my opinion and that might be because I love the heat! We have been here a little over a year, but I have been loving it. I especially love just sitting outside in the warm (literally) atmosphere.

To tranform our space we partnered up with Article and completely revamped our outdoor space. If you have been a long time viewer of our youtube channel, you know that we have had several products from Article, all of which we have loved. This time we were able to #create an amazing #outdoor#space with the help of Article.

I don't know if it was the colors, the comfort perhaps or maybe it was the cohesiveness that the Article furniture pieces brought. But the transformation was better than we hoped for.

Products mentioned in post:

Capra Sofa (

Capra Lounge Chair (

Vardo Oyster White Side Table (

Here are a few before pictures:

Having the opportunity to both try indoor as well as outdoor furniture all I can say is that its worth it. I wouldn't say that Article is a very hyped up store, not like CB2, West Elm or RH anyways. But, in todays world (with so many different choices, brands, etc), I think Article offers a good variety of options and styles for the price. I have tried many other furniture pieces before (Ill try to do a post on that later) for the quality, comfort and price Article always tends to be my number one choice.



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