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Out With The Old: 4 Things to Leave Behind in 2023

Updated: Feb 10

Ready or not, but 2024 is here, don't know how, but it is here. Here are the 4 things I want to leave behind in 2023.

  1. Shopping

  2. Social Media

  3. Clutter

  4. False reality

As addicting as shopping can be or is, I can no longer justify the insane prices and the downgrade of quality anymore. My attempt to save money has not been going well, as I'm constantly reaching for my card to buy this or that. I have realized that a lot of the things I purchased the past few years, I don't use, wear or utilize. The money that I spent is just a waste.

Social media comes hand in hand with shopping, as social media is the number one reason why I reach for my wallet to purchase things. My goal is to delete my social media accounts and find a hobby that I can do during the time I would normally be scrolling. (I know that leaving social media behind will be a hard process, so if you feel the need to find some motivation/ideas go to Pinterest.) The scariest realization is that social media to many is just living falsely through others lives. How sad, that instead of being creative, exploring, enjoy life, we just sit/lay/walk and scroll through photos and videos.

I'll be the first to admit that the collection of vases I have, purses, perfume, shoes, etc is so unnecessary. But you can't really blame us, because with the way the world works, we without thinking reach for our credit cards and purchase this or that. We have come to a point, where we wear a piece of clothing a few times and we are done. What happened to wearing one sweater four different ways? My goal this coming up new year is to wear all of my clothing pieces before trying to purchase something.

Through social media, there has been so many fake/staged lifestyles. Romanticizing your life, living your best life, self-love, get rich, get fit, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these are bad things. But the simplicity of everything has vanished. What happened to having friends over and not going overboard on the presentation (that we later share on instagram), what happened to hanging out and not finding the need to draw attention as we film ourselves "enjoying our outing". How about going to the gym and not posting edited images of ourselves. This somewhat fake illusion that we create for ourselves makes others uncomfortable around us. If you feel the need to take a pic, video do it, but don't post it.

Let the year 2024, be the year that we strive for a more simple, fulfilling lifestyle. Leaving behind old habits that have robbed us of living our lives to the fullest. Finding meaning in our friendship, surroundings and being thankful.



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