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"How to Make 2024 Your Year of Personal Growth and Success"

Do yourself a favor this year and do something that your 12 year old self would have wanted to do. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to learn German. I was for whatever reason just obsessed with how the language sounded and wanted to speak it. Fast forward 10 + years and I still don't know how to speak, read or write in German. This year, I thought to myself, why not try to learn the language? What exactly is stopping me? Why am I always giving myself so many excuses and reasons to why I can't learn it?

I purchased two textbooks, downloaded some apps and I am one month in, in learning German. Let me tell you, it takes time and commitment, because some days I just don't feel like sitting down and learning (mentally, Im like, Im not in school).

Another way I'm trying to improve myself is by being more creative. There are so many articles, videos, etc on how to make yourself be better. One of the biggest things I have noticed is that, being creative is almost never on the list of self improvement. But being creative is also a part of us. Before you say "well, I'm not creative", false, don't even. Just because you can't draw, paint, etc doesn't mean you're not creative. Creativity comes in a lot of ways, a lot of people think that creativity means being artistic. That's not the same thing, creativity is coming up with a different approach to a problem/issue. Looking at something differently than the person next to you.

As I said, being creative comes in different forms and ways, my approach to creativity is to redo and DIY a few decor items in the house. Great place to get inspiration for DIY projects is Pinterest!

Last but not least, my biggest personal growth goal is to get into fitness. I don't know how many more videos I need to watch, articles I need to read to get up and start moving my body. But this is by far the hardest task I need to accomplish. It is such a mental block and struggle I need to get though. That being said, applause to everyone who has taken the first step in working on themselves. Keep going and don't give up!



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