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Entry Way Console Table Decor

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Living in Arizona, we are blessed with sunshine almost everyday and for some of us, spring has arrived and is very visible through the blooming of the trees and flowers. In the spirit of spring arriving, I wanted to revamp our entry way console table.

Now, I am usually not a huge fan of faux stems/plants, but moss (depending on the color) is something that I absolute love. As most know, faux stems tend to run on the more expensive side. That is one of the reasons that I don't purchase them, because I change my mind quite a bit and in my opinion faux stems are an investment.

However, I've noticed that moss is something that could be considered timeless, because it can be styled with about anything and everything and in majority of interior design styles. I have used moss for decor purposes for a couple of years now and I have noticed that it doesn't look dated or faded, like alot of faux stems do.

I wish I could easily locate all the items that I used on the console table, however a good amount of them have been purchased years ago and stores do not carry them anymore. Something that I have always kept in mind when buying decor pieces, is to purchase nuetral toned pieces (yes, I know its not for everyone, but hear me out). We all change our minds alot and the trends are changing faster then the year is actually going. However, when you purchase a neutral tone decor piece, you can style it as is. As time goes by, a neutral tone peice is easy to repaint (depending on the material ofcourse). If the base of the decor piece is darker, it can be a bit harder to work with. Its like having a blank canvas piece and you just add on your design.

Just as furniture prices has flown through the roof, so have decor pieces. As someone who has been decorating for more then ten years and is aware of what stores have better prices. I can still say that even though there are five to eight stores maybe left, there are still stores that offer better and lower prices on identical decor pieces.

If you recreate this look, whether it is your console table, dresser even, tag us @angelinaandruth we would love to see your work.

When we started our youtube channel a couple of years ago, our main goal was to share with others ideas how to style and recreate a space that you loved on a budget. However, after our account was hacked and it took quite a bit to have the channel recovered our content stopped and it hasn't been the same. Our new yet same goal is to create content via our blog/instagram inspire and share our ideas with others.



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