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DIY Coffee Table

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Lets talk about the ridiculous prices of coffee table. Not only are they extremely expensive but the designs are very limited. I dont know if you have noticed this or not, but a couple of years ago the trend for having shorter (nearly to the ground, I might add) furniture became a thing. I honestly thought it would go away, but it didnt, in fact short furniture has become the thing.

As "cool" as it was, I find short "not standard" size furniture harder to work with. Let me explain, have you ever sat on a sofa and it was so short, that you might as well just have rolled over onto the ground? Sofas, accent chairs, beds, nightstands, coffee tables are a lot shorter than they use to be. That being said, if you have a home/apartment, etc with taller ceilings, shorter furniture looks more un-proportional making it harder to work with.

Still, there are many that absolutley love this style, which is great! I don't mind it either, but I think that shorter furniture can only be placed in a certain room/place, etc.

When we moved about a year ago, we sold all of our furniture and had to start from scratch. With this new house our ceiling are alot taller. I searched for standard sized furniture and boy was it difficult. Sofas that typically ranged at about 35-40'' inches tall (back of the sofa) are now 20-29'' inches tall. Place that into a huge room, and youll see the proportion being completely off.

Something to keep in mind is that if you have a new house that you designed with specific furniture style, certain furniture matches it. But if you get a house/apartment where its outdated, matching furniture to it will become more difficult. That is why so many people do home makeovers, because its hard to match furniture to outdated homes.

After finding two standard size sofas, I began my search for a coffee table. I ended up finding coffee tables that both matched my style and measurments in the $600 - $1500 range. The price was a bit to high for me so I had to find an alternative solution. I went on Facebook Market Place and searched for a dining table. I found a dining table for $100.

Taking the dining table into my living room I measured the height that I wanted and cut the table legs. The table did have minor damages, but after a good sanding, staining process, we had a beautiful coffee table that was once a dining table.

Reminder to self, finish painting the canvas above fireplace.



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