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Hey there, welcome! 

Looking for inspiration to live life to the fullest? Look no further than MONTHSFROMNOW, the lifestyle blog that helps you discover new experiences every month. From travel to food to fashion, I've got you covered. Let's explore together!

I guess I should kinda explain the meaning behind this blog that I have created. I have always looked at social media for inspiration and motivation. But I have come to realize that I have formed bad habits, created unrealistic expectations for myself that I cannot achieve and been wasting my time trying to look up to individuals that realistically don't live the same life as I do. This blog is more of a documentary for myself to look back and see the growth, change that I would like to make within myself and in the mean time inspire others.  So welcome once again, I hope that you find some meaning, purpose throughout my journey and can apply or try something new and different in your life. 

- Angelina 


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